Our Latest Work

This is just a small sample of the sort of work we do - we are involved in cloud computing, data visualisation, machine learning and medical imagery.

Our Services

We provide solutions for deployement of graphics applications in the docker environment using AWS cloud services.

mobile apps

Serving up data visualisation to multiple platforms from a single container image base.


After many years developing scripts for Maya, Houdini and Nuke, we can provide solutions for visual effects in the film and games industry.

Motion Capture

We have a long history in providing services for motion capture using vicon, kinect, and xsens, which can be ported to the Unity3D game engine or other formats.

Cog Psych

We have researchers in cognitive psychology to assist us with human-computer evaluation studies


Our coders are proficient in Node.js, Java, PHP, C#, C++, Python and many other extended languages in the graphics and data field.


One of our earliest patented products was thereitis - an image aggregator capable of visualising millions of images in a four dimensional array.